to baltimore, a love poem

May 1, 2015 § Leave a comment

after reading this

indicates fight
or flight

a monster!
out of the way!
inhumane hands have tried for so long
to keep you tamed inside.
but today,

and here i watch,
if the universe is kind enough
to grace our puny existence
with you,
we’ve never laid our eyes upon the likes.
couldn’t have dreamt of
you, if you want to fly,
fly! free! who cares who gets hurt?

your heart beating inside,
frantic running, away
from the laboratory
the inhumane hands; that unquenchable desire
to live,
also mine.

suddenly you realize,
spread the wings; they carry you
above the wind, upwards,
taking off from us pitiful
humans and our crafts our fears. i’m in tears,
finally fit
the freedom so elusive from the beginning
into a hole that’s remained empty
for so long! the thing
that has not been named.
only do we realize
how much we were missing it
until the object of our full satiation
materializes; i would never have known
what satisfy could mean
had you not wings. thank you.

you will not go back in the cage.
and by the depth of that desire do i know
that i too have wings with a purpose
other than to slow me down
in our flight. stop running child.


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