August 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

when you freakin want something so badly, SO SO SO badly, you will do ANYTHING for it like ANYTHING. you can give up food, you can cut off ppl and relationships, you can deny yourself legitimate pleasures of the world, you can go without money, you can say yes to packing up and moving half way across the world where you dont know nobody. all for this one prize. one thing and one thing only

i want this thing. you dont even know. you dont even know. i will do anything to see the desire of my heart come to pass. no effing nothings gonna stop me. nope nothing. nobody. watch me


ps- what the hell happened to the currently listening/reading/watching menu? im listening/reading/watching hella stuff right now O.o


this is probably the most trivial in my life right now

August 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

i have more interesting/important things to say about what im up to these days i swear
but ive been thankful that the last boy, though gone, — thank God — has left with beautiful things for me, music and poetry. hes made me fall in love again, and for that i will always be grateful

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