travel makes me complete. even as i leave pieces of myself in places i tread. currently my heart is

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southeast asia
coconut water, 100+ degrees fahrenheit stuffing your face with humidity, old ladies selling cut up fruits and sunglasses, rice paddies and banh mis on carts every street corner, men on motos calling out for rides, boat ride along the mekong river, water buffalos crossing next to ppl biking over bridges, open markets bustling with alive crabs pork hanging flies over flesh of mangosteens chickens in cages clothes and bags of european brands pirated dvds of hollywood movies and krn dramas, air conditioned taxis in white green blue, sweat trickling down your sun scorched neck and bare shoulder juxtaposed to the womyn fully clothes from head to toe and men with no shirts at all, pho and che at night on the streets with all the neon lights gas fumes cars honking ppl sitting, tuk tuk drivers waving and hollering, incense burning in front of buddhas and deities, iced coffee in plastic bags with straws, fried bananas fried insects, thunder lightening pouring rain out of nowhere in the afternoons, sunrise by the water of most beautiful place on earth ive ever seen, depth of silence in thousand years old temples whose broken rocks by the touch of tree trunks roots lay in peace, sandstones and bricks grey and red forming steep steps up to the heaven, vishnus and shivas spreading out their hands across the walls of great mythical heroes, ancient jewels and gold in the palms of sukamunis overlooking the suffering human race, dusty roads stretching endless toward the horizon, quiet woods hiding monkeys, children running out to sell postcards scarves food bangles bamboo toys anything, dollars riels dongs, where you from? the states korea california, huge billboards of western drinks western clothes western men and women western everything, tour buses tourists tourist cameras tourist moneys tourist streets tourist bars tourism voyeurism capitalism, ppl smiling ppl yelling ppl watching ppl ppl ppl more ppl brown and black and yellow and awesome

and i thought of you the whole time. the whole time


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