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I would like to think
That despite all the silence and dreary cold of today
Im going to alright, that its not about the feelings
Which come and go and certainly follow both the weather
And my period,
To think that once I peel off each layer of lies — im not
Making a difference another year wont change a thing
Im still going to end up just as disappointed
Just as
Sick and tired of
Because im always waiting, always — nothing
Can harm me

I would like to believe
That with each familiarity of days gone in silence
And dreary cold
Without the usual comings and goings of people
Im only reminding myself
Of past forgotten and overcome,
Believe that beyond this vagueness of words and images I cant quite
Drop off my tongue still exists
Astonishing yet what ive always known — the face
Of God — is mine
To behold to become
To be

I would like to know
That even after all ive said and done
Sometimes most painfully passively and some
Other times in full of euphoric abandonment
I have a chance I havent blown in I have the destiny in my hands —
Forgiven and forgotten is the past, and theres no
Requirement for regret —
With which to touch
If not to hold the sides of the face
Of my God. Our gazes lock. And know
Warmth sounds


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