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door two finally closed
in my attempt to let God clean whatever was inside and seal it for good, i ended up being swept away in that room as soon as my hands touched the knob. and before i even realized what i had done, God began to firmly push me out of there so he can block off the room for good.
because i miss you
what do you want from me
you dont owe me anything
i cried for him for about four days in the span of nine months
he couldnt sleep because of me for about the same number of nights
so i guess we are even
like coraline watching her nightmare on the other side of the magic door pounding what will not be opened, i, too, am watching the outlines of once a doorpost solidify into a wall. there will be no more opening after this seals. he cant get to me. even if i wanted him to
i think this means im free

happy easter


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