rambling instead of getting ready to go to work

March 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

i cooked myself a breakfast today morning. poach eggs and caramelized onions with pita chips dipped in spinach dip. while i was at it i made dinner too. roasted brussel sprouts and garlic tofu with brown rice.
its amazing how simple things — but also a luxury, i realize — can tell me that everything is alright. the sun is shining and i have a roof over my head and theres warm food to be eaten. what can possibly go wrong
this is probably the first time i cooked in… three months if not five. thanks God for a house a kitchen a pot
my wallet got stolen three nights ago. i have no money. but its ok
all my clothes are still in bags suitcases on the floor because i havent been able to find a dresser yet. you dont need that much in a room. a bed is pretty everything you need, and i have the best bed ever
blue scholars and suheir hammad and eden jequinto have been blowing my mind. still questioning, God is there a place in your house for my southeast asian collective black muslim friends who say fuck and get wasted every friday night and listen to yay area hip hop instead of jesusculture and identify as queer? i hope so. i really hope so.
my small group is praying about our sexual frustrations. thanks reeses. while im on this topic, a confession. lent is failing me miserably or im failing it. i broke all my vows except one. as i told my friend last night, im praying that by the time im done with lent, the Holy Spirit will do a miracle in my heart, and i wont want to do any of these things
i like this work thing. young adult thing. post college thing. i-have-no-idea-what-im-doing thing. berkeleys such a bubble. love it to death, but so much freedom when out!!! i can do anything go anywhere be anyone. really. i can do ANYTHING with my life
this summer, im going to southeast asia. laos vietnam cambodia thailand phillipines. in debt i will be i dont care. stina told me beginning of this yr that she will make decisions based on values not needs. i decided that every yr, no matter what job i have or dont, no matter how much money i can spare or cant, no matter who says what responsibility whatever, i will travel. every yr. once a yr. im traveling. i know how to be dirt cheap and get around and mooch off of strangers and get lost without losing my mind. probably will learn self defense soon. but imma see the world. a friend already offered to take me to a wedding in croatia next april. weee my gypsy heart


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