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i had a disturbing incident last night. so i came home and wrote a poem on it. worked on that shit for like an hr. two pgs long. and then microsoft decides to end my secret ambition to become a spoken word artist by crashing before i can save the masterpiece. now i cant recover the file. eff

on another note, im observing lent this yr. my most-of-the-time-non-religious-def-not-christian-friends who grew up catholic reminded me of ash wed. which also happens to be the 4th anniversary of the ark. since then till this past sat ive been toying with this idea of giving up something pleasurable because i love Jesus more than these. and ryans msg on sat convicted me, more like the Holy Spirit convicted me, that i do want to observe lent this yr.
im giving up boys/men/romance/sex for about forty days.
goodbye sexting goodbye emotional porn like sex and the city that ive started watching again goodbye booty calls goodbye g chat flirting goodbye lady gaga and the rest of pop songs about love on the radio goodbye masturbation goodbye sleep overs goodbye girl talks on relationships goodbye fishing for free drinks @ bars goodbye boys/men/romance/sex. i do love Jesus more than these
so the next time you make an inappropriate joke about sex, and imma peace out without saying anything, you know why
gay boyfriends who bring me dinner and let me sleep on their beds and girlfriends who are going through break ups and need me to hold their hands through the night are not included. if you fall into either of the categories, holla


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