January 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

i dont know. hatty. i just wanted to tell you how much you love writing. youre a good writer. i feel embarrassed saying this to you. but i believe you are. i want to believe. dont forget the beautiful things in life. like the moon and the magic and the burning desire. i dont know what these will give you. but God, yes, God, has His reasons for instilling them in your heart. not everyone feels what you feel. not everyone wants to feel what you feel. cherish them. for they are beautiful. and when you cant sleep because of these beautiful things that you feel so much, think of me. remember me. the strange sorrow that beads out on your eyelashes like morning dew, even that must have a place in life. so
-from jan nineth two thousand seven

i must add. this is pre Holy Spirit


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