December 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

itunes youtube pandora open and playing. check
midnight snacks way past midnight, regular meals morphing into one giant brunchiner. check
caffeine fix. check
g chat status updated every hr on the hr. check
fb msgs and wall posts and pictures look the same after refreshing the page so many times. check
inappropriate comments and gestures all tolerated thanks to common sense that went out the window three hrs ago. check
sitting in the same room for 24+ hrs straight. check
power naps and passing out in public spaces w a mass of ppl. check
pretty much one set of clothes. check
fried brain regurgitating words somehow making logical argument. check
free condoms and lubes available courtesy of university health services. check
empty telegraph ave on fri night, no line outside blakes or mannys or kips. check
blogging before papering @ 5am. check
‘you can do this!’ ‘we can do this!’ ‘i can do this!’ check
spontaneous dancing baking hugging. check

i love finals


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