May 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

Jesus redeems all things. like moving.
used to hate it. more like fear it like plague. i was traumatized after my end of freshmen yr moving out experience.
today. i had so much fun stressing over which asian condiments like fish sauce and hoisin sauce (what the heck is that?! will find out soon )to keep or toss away, realizing that Jesus indeed does redeem all things.
thank you Jesus. and hubert. and everyone at the ark whos made this experience more rewarding than i thought it would ever be.
actually as i write this i know that this is deeper than just not having to get frustrated over moving in/out of places. im learning to trust. to trust. to trust.
one day and a half left with no prospect of future roommates, $1000+ rent looming over my head, fear that maybe my eurotrip will have to wait bc of uncertain apt situation, what if the ones i do live with end up super boring or freaky or worse, dont want to ask my parents for money.
all these hadnt really bothered me much until today afternoon as i tried to rest with God in my half empty room. after about 30 min of panic and 2 hrs of joyful katherine scott kim walker misty edwards praising, its all good. i have peace.
what do you know. the first thing i see when i open gmail is a reply about a possible aptmate. yes He is good. i will say it again. He is good.


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