May 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

im scared again. last big huddle before its all over. somehow the hill looks so much bigger than ever.
i know Jesus is w me, and weve been through water and fire and volcanoes erupting. telling myself that Hes got me safe in His hands. its so close. the end, i can feel it.
but theres a part of me that wants to run away again. i dont want to be in my apt. i dont want to be in my room. where can i go where can i be where can i feel safe?
i dont want to have to try on my own anymore. things should be easier, not harder. and even though they are loads lighter than they used to be, i find myself still weak still afraid still hesitant. to jump over that last huddle.
debating whether i need to call someone right now and hide in their room for the night. the thought of sleeping in my own bed with the ppl i live with sounds impossible.
Jesus what do i need


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